CIRC is recruiting!

That’s right! It’s that time of year again! Do you want to dive into the international community at Chalmers? Create a reception that all 1000 new international students will never forget? Meet new people from over 70 different countries? Then we want you! Click here and start your journey in welcoming the world to Chalmers as CIRC 2015! For more information join the info meeting on Wednesday the 15th of October at 17.30 in Gustaf Dalén.

Last week of reception!

This week we say goodbye to the reception with a final blast!

Do not miss the opportunity to be a part of the exciting, funfilled 90 minutes, and re-live the amazing reception journey! On Sept. 27th we will have the CIRC Finale, where Phadder group missions and secret shows will be be performed together with funny footage from the reception. The first part of Finale will take place in RunAn from 13:30 to 15:00. Then at 22:00 all the excitement heads down to Gasquen for one final crazy party! Entrance fee is 30 kr for Chalmerists and 40 kr for non-Chalmerists.

And on Sept. 29th you will be able to buy tickets for ESN Sea Battle. The Sea Battle is probably the most amazing student cruise you will find anywhere. This year we will be mixed with international students studying in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. For all details please visit the Facebook Event.

CIRC you soon!!


Campus Tour

Yesterday we finally saw all of you! In between introductions from the university, the Student Union and your first “Fika” ever, we hope that you absorbed and enjoyed it as much as possible ;)

Fika & mingle at the Student Union Building

Today we get down to one of the coolest parts of the reception: You get to meet your Phadder and Phadder groups, know the physical part of the university and, the most fun of all, get to know the traditions and fun little facts that are all around campus!


It’s Arrival Day!

Time has finally come! The reception oficially starts today with Arrival day. If after your long flight you’re too tired to figure out how to get to you accommodation, worry not! CIRC and Phadders will be at your rescue in Landvetter Airport, Gothenburg City Airport and Korsvägen. We’re ready to give you directions, bus tickets and a warm smile :D Identify us by the yellow t-shirt and blue hoodies.

CIRC you soon…very soon!

Picture from Landvetter Airport Webiste

Welcome New Student!


Where you’ll be in a few months! (Photo: Edward Illingworth)

We’re very glad to welcome you to Chalmers and Gothenburg. We’re looking forward to meeting you in August!

Surely you have a lot of questions so feel free to hop across the webpage to get all the information you need, or contact us directly if you can’t find replies to your questions.

Also, registrations for a Phadder are now open! To get a Phadder, click here!

Phadder Recruitment!


Chalmers International Reception Committee is proud to announce that the Phadder recruitment for the fall reception has officially started! If you are feeling international and want to know people from all over the world, then this is you opportunity.

Aspa Phadders will participate in some exclusive and awesome events during the recruitment period that goes on during study period 4…there’s a lot of fun waiting for you this fall!

For more details, click here, drop by our office or write us an email. And if you already know you WANT to be a Phadder (good decision!) then go ahead fill this form .

CIRC you soon!

ESN Sea Battle Ticket Sale!

Hello everyone!

CIRC will be selling the tickets for this spring’s ESN Sea Battle on Monday 24th of February, between 12-13 outside our office (top floor of the Student Union Building).

The Sea Battle is probably the most amazing student cruise you will find anywhere. This year we will be mixed with international students studying in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This means that there will be 2000+ students from all over the world coming together on one single boat.

What you need to bring:
- Cash
– Passport
– If possible come in prepared groups of 2-4 persons (those you wish to share cabin with)

The price for the ticket is 1150 SEK and includes:

- Participation in the ESN Sea Battle in a 2- or 4-person cabin for two nights
– One buffet dinner the 1st evening
– All activities and program onboard the ESN Sea Battle
– ESN Sea Battle participant bag and t-shirt
– Transportation between Gothenburg and Stockholm:

Dates 31 of March – 2 of April

Maximum 2 tickets per person.

It’s going to be amazing!

See u soon!

Sauna Party!

Take a look at a quick film made by one of our fine new international students. This is proof that Sauna Parties just Rock!! Many thanks to Guðmundur Ingi Sigurleifsson for putting this all together. :)

Campus Day!

Hello Everyone!

On Thursday 29/8, we will have our campus day. On this day you will meet your Phadders for the first time and take a tour of the campus. During the tour you will experience all that the Chalmers campus has to offer. Please come to the Student Union building at 10:00am and please be on time so that we can start the tour as soon as possible.

We will continue to update you on events as they come so watch your emails, FaceBook posts and the schedule on our website. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

See you then!
CIRC ’13